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Importing Translated Content into inRiver PIM

You can import translated content into inRiver PIM.

To import translated content:
  1. To import translated product information into inRiver PIM, click Import. If no project is selected, you are prompted to select a project from the Status view.

The Import Translations dialog box opens.

Note: If the project has no translations ready to be imported, then the Import translations button is not available.

The Connector imports the translations in the background, so that you can continue working. You will receive an email notification when the import is complete, to the email address specified in your inRiver Rich Client user account.

Information about missing languages

If the project to import includes a language that has been removed from inRiver while the project was translated , then the following warning message is displayed.

  • If you click Yes, the import proceeds, while ignoring the missing language. The Connector marks the entities as successfully translated. However, the translations for the missing languages are lost, because they are not saved in inRiver PIM.
  • If you click No, the import is canceled.