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Viewing Translation Status

You can view the translation status of projects sent for translation.

To view translation status: 
  1. In the inRiver Rich Client ribbon, click the eye icon . The number below the icon indicates the number of translated entities that have not yet been imported into inRiver.

The Active projects tab opens. This tab displays all the projects that were sent for translation. You can view details about the product information sent for translation.

  1. You can perform any of the following actions:
  • To view the same information about completed projects, click the History tab.
  • To cancel a project, click Cancel.

Important: This step does not cancel the translation job in your LSP. If the Connector has already sent out the job, you must also contact your LSP project manager immediately to cancel the project there.

  • To view the entities in the project, click Select. The inRiver Rich Client Work Area opens, displaying the entities.
  • To view any errors in the project, click Errors. This button is displayed only if the project contains errors. The errors open in a new window: