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Sending Out CVLs for Translation

You cannot use the Connector to directly send out CVLs of LocaleString type for translation. You must first export the CVLs in the inRiver Model Tool and then import them into inRiver PIM, so that you can send them out for translation.

The only product information that the Connector can send out for translation is information that can be edited by a product manager in the inRiver Rich Client, including Categories and Field Names.

To send out CVLs for translation:
  1. In the inRiver Model Tool, export the CVLs to translate .

  1. Open the exported file.
  2. Select Edit > Select All to copy the CVLs to the Clipboard.
  3. Paste the CVLs into an Excel spreadsheet. All the information will be separated in columns. Send the file manually for translation. When translated, save the spreadsheet as a Tab delimited text file.

  1. Use the inRiver Model Tool to import this file into inRiver PIM.