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Adding Entities to the Translation Queue

The first step in sending an entity for translation is adding it to the Translation Queue.

You can send for translation all product information that a product manager can edit in the inRiver Rich Client. Therefore, you can send all the fields of LocaleString datatype for translation.

Tip: To find product information that has not yet been translated, use the Extended Search section in the inRiver PIM Rich Client to select the entity type. Select a field and change the query to search for all entities of the currently selected type that has empty fields.

To add an entity to the Translation Queue:
  1. In the inRiver Rich Client, right-click in the work area, and select one or more entities. To select multiple entities, press the Shift key and then right click.
  2. From the context menu that opens when you right click, select Add to translation queue.

This adds the selected entities to the Translation Queue, which you open to send out the entities for translation. For details, see Sending a Project For Translation from the Translation Queue.