Requesting Translation Corrections

If you find a mistake in the translated content, you can send a request to your translation provider to correct the translation and resend it.

Note:  If you have multiple translation providers, the Connector sends the correction request to the translator who originally translated the content.

  • In the Sitecore Content Editor, navigate to the content item for which you want to request a translation correction.
  • In the Sitecore Content Editor ribbon, click the Lionbridge Translation tab.

This tab displays translation-status information about the selected content item and any child items. For a detailed description of this tab, see Monitoring Status for a Single Item.

  1. Select an item that meets the following criteria:
  2. It has already been translated, so it has Completed status.
  3. The translated version of the content item was edited after translation, so the value in the Post-edited column is Yes.
  4. Right-click, and select Request Translation Correction from the context menu.
  1. The first section displays a list of all field types in the content item. Select the check boxes for the field types for which you want to request a correction.
  2. In the second section, Notes, enter your correction request for the translation provider.
  3. Click Send.

The Connector sends the selected field types in the content item and your notes to the translation provider as a correction request.

It displays the translation language pair and the field types for which you requested a translation correction.

  1. Click Finish.

The wizard closes.