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Adding your Translation Provider (LSP)

You set up your translation provider (LSP) in the Add LSP section of the System Configuration page.

To add your translation provider:
  1. Open the System Configuration page. For detailed instructions, see Configuring the Lionbridge Connector.
  • LSP Name: Your company's name for the translation provider (LSP). This is what your users will select when sending out content for translation to this provider.
  • Access Key: Clay Tablet provides access keys for you to map to your LSPs (translation providers). Select a key to access a specific translation provider. The list of available keys is populated after you verify your license, as described in Setting Up Your Connector License.
  • Type: Select your translation provider. If your translation provider is not displayed, then select Generic. The type of translation provider determines whether additional configuration is required. This is one of the following:
Field Description
Server The hostname of the Lionbridge Freeway server, for example,
User The username for logging into the Lionbridge Freeway server.
Password The password for logging into the Lionbridge Freeway server.
Auth URL Optional. The URI where the Connector receives an authentication token for Lionbridge Freeway. This is
Service URL Optional. The URI where the Connector can request a list of Lionbridge Freeway analysis codes. This is
  • Generic: Select this if the translation provider is not Lionbridge Freeway. No additional fields are displayed.
  1. Click Test LSP to test the settings for your translation provider.
  2. Click Add LSP.