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Translation Statuses

There are different translation statuses, depending on whether the submission set is submitted to Lionbridge Freeway or to an FTP or SFTP server.

Note: Before submission, the Status field of the submission set is blank.

Lionbridge Freeway

Submission sets submitted to Lionbridge Freeway have one of the following translation statuses:

Translation Status Description
Quote The submission set has been submitted to Lionbridge Freeway for a quote.
Submitted The submission set has been submitted. If it required a quote, then it has already been approved.
Cancelled The corresponding translation project was cancelled in the App before it reached In Translation status, described below.
Pending Quote Lionbridge Freeway has delivered a quote for the submission set. This quote requires approval before the translation starts.
Approval The quote for the submission set was approved.
In Translation Lionbridge Freeway has received the submission set and has not yet returned the translated documents.
Delivered Lionbridge Freeway has delivered the translated documents to the App.
Completed – Pending Approval The App has returned the translated documents to Relativity and they are waiting for review and approval.
Closed – Approval Received The translated documents have been approved.

Submission sets submitted to an FTP or SFTP server have one of the following translation statuses:

Event Description
Submitted The submission set has been submitted to the server.
In Translation The documents in the submission set were successfully delivered to the specified FTP or SFTP server.
Completed The App has retrieved the translated documents from the specified FTP or SFTP server and returned them to Relativity.