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Scheduling a Submission Set for Translation

If you created a submission set, as described in Planning Your Translations with Submission Sets, you can schedule it for submission to your translation provider.

For instructions on creating and scheduling a new submission set, see Creating a Submission Set.

To schedule a submission set:
  1. Click a workspace where the App is installed.
  1. Click the Edit link beside a submission set.
  1. Use Set Scheduled Date to schedule the date and time for sending this submission set for translation.
  1. Do one of the following:
  2. To schedule sending the submission set in the future, select a date and time in the calendar.
  3. To send the submission set now, click Now.
  4. Click Done.

Note: The date/time format and timezone are determined by the server where Relativity is installed.

  1. Click a Save button at the top of the layout.