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Planning Your Translations with Submission Sets

Every time that you submit documents for translation, you submit them as a submission set. The information in the submission set includes the translation parameters, such as source and target languages, and translation-provider configuration. You can create submission sets before you submit documents for translation—this enables you to schedule when to submit these documents for translation. Alternatively, you can send single or multiple documents immediately for translation and specify the translation parameters in the submission set you create at that time.

Creating submission sets in advance enables you to work more efficiently. It has the following advantages:

  • You can send large batches of documents for translation from the same source language to the same set of target languages, with the same metadata.
  • You can create a submission set before all documents are ready for translation.
  • You can schedule the submission of the documents within the set for a specific day, or the end of the week. As documents that you want to send together become available in the system, you can add them to that submission set.

Consider the following guidelines when planning your submission sets:

  • The maximum number of documents in the set is 2000.
  • The file size of each document must be less than 200 MB.
  • Documents must be in the same source language.
  • Documents must be sent for translation into the same set of target languages.
  • Do not include documents with the same source-target language pairs in multiple submission sets.

For example, if a document is in submission set "A" for translation from English to French, do not include it in submission set "B" for translation from English to French. However, you can include the document in submission set "C" for translation from English to German.

This section contains the following subsections:

For instructions on submitting documents for translation immediately without creating a submission set first, see: