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Adding One Document to a Submission Set

You can add a single document to a submission set that you already created.

Important: When adding a document to a submission set, ensure that the source and target languages of the document match those configured for the submission set.

For more information about submission sets, see Planning Your Translations with Submission Sets.

For instructions on adding multiple documents to a submission set, see Adding Multiple Documents to a Submission Set.

To add a new single document to an existing submission set:
  1. Click a workspace where the App is installed.
  1. In the Control Number column, click a document's control number to open it in the viewer.
  2. At the bottom of the Document Metadata pane, which is on the right side of the document viewer, click the Lionbridge Translation History icon .
  1. Click the Link button.
  1. In the Submission Set dropdown list, select the submission set to which to add this docoument, and click Save.

The App adds the document to the selected submission set and closes the dialog box.