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Retrieving Files from Relativity on an FTP/SFTP Server

Lionbridge for Relativity delivers documents for translation and other supporting files from Relativity to your FTP or SFTP server. These files are packaged and submitted for translation as a submission set. For detailed information about this process, refer to the Lionbridge for Relativity User Guide.

After the Relativity user submits a submission set for translation, you can retrieve the files on your FTP or SFTP server.

To retrieve files for translation from Relativity on an FTP/SFTP server:
  1. Use an FTP client application, such as FileZilla or WinSCP, to access your FTP/SFTP server.
  2. Browse to the following folder structure: root\Destination Folder\RI_Relativity Instance GUID\WS_Work Space GUID\SS_Submission Set ID
  • Source Documents folder: This contains the documents for translation.
  • Target languages folders, one for each target language. In the following screen capture, there is a Czech folder.
  • Manifest file: This file contains translation manifest information.
  • Document metadata file: This optional file specifies which fields in the documents in this submission set are metadata.
  • Reference file: This optional file provides helpful context.