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Delivering Translated Files to Relativity on an FTP/SFTP Server

After translation, you deliver the translated documents to Relativity via your FTP/SFTP server.

Important: Do not change the prefix of the filename of translated documents, including the ID number. Otherwise Relativity cannot identify them and return them to the correct location. For example, supposed the filename of the source document that you received for translation was 1041906_REL_00001.PDF.
Correct: You can name the translated document 1041906_REL_00001_Czech.PDF or similar.
Incorrect: Do not name the translated document Czech_1041906_REL_00001.PDF or similar.

To deliver translated files from an FTP/SFTP server to Relativity:
  1. Use an FTP client application, such as FileZilla or WinSCP, to access your FTP/SFTP server.
  2. Browse to the following folder structure: root\Destination Folder\RI_Relativity Instance GUID\WS_Work Space GUID\SS_Submission Set ID
  • Source Documents folder: This contains the documents for translation.
  • Target languages folders, one for each target language. In the following screen capture, there is a Czech folder.
  • Manifest file: This file contains translation manifest information.
  • Document metadata file: This optional file specifies which fields in the documents in this submission set are metadata.
  • Reference file: This optional file provides helpful context.

The translated documents are now available in Relativity. For instructions on reviewing translated documents in Relativity, refer to the Lionbridge for Relativity User Guide.