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Configuring Source Languages

You must configure one or more source languages. A source language is the original language of documents, from which the documents are translated. Documents are translated from a source language into a target language.

A source language must be defined separately for each translation-provider configuration. For information on creating a translation-provider configuration, see Configuring Translation Providers.

To configure a source language:
  1. In Relativity, click the workspace where the App is installed.
  1. Click New Lionbridge Source Language.
  1. Enter the following information in the Source Language section:
Field Description
Name The name of this source language. This is the name displayed when users send out content for translation and select a source language.
Sync Configuration Required. Select the translation-provider configuration for this source language. For details, see Configuring Translation Providers.
  1. In Available Target Languages, you select one or more target languages into which files will be translated from this source language. The target languages that are available for selection are defined for the translation-provider configuration you selected in the Sync Configuration dropdown list, described above. For details, see Viewing Configured Target Languages.

Note: The ellipsis button is available only after selecting a Sync Configuration, as described in the previous step.

  1. In the top part of the dialog box, select the check boxes for the target languages to configure for this source language, and click Add.

Note: The Add button is available only when at least one target language is selected.

The selected target languages are now displayed at the bottom of the dialog box.

  1. In the bottom part of the dialog box, click Set to save your change and close this dialog box.
  1. At the top of the dialog box, click Save to save your changes.