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Configuring the Lionbridge App in CloudBroker

A site administrator configures and manages the Lionbridge App's configuration in CloudBroker, which is a Lionbridge SaaS for configuring apps that are plug-ins to SaaS content systems. The Lionbridge App for Oracle Eloqua is your site.

To configure the Lionbridge App in CloudBroker:
  1. Log in to CloudBroker as a site administrator. For details, see Getting Started with CloudBroker.
  1. Perform the following configuration tasks:
  1. Optional. Configure any of the following advanced settings:
  2. Configuring Translation Settings for Multilingual Dynamic-Content Assets
  3. Configuring Translation Settings for Eloqua Dynamic Content
  4. Configuring Eloqua Assets to Exclude from Translation
  5. Configuring Automatic URL Link Updates in Translated Content
  6. Configuring Country and Language Metadata Replacement
  7. Configuring Email Headers and Footers
  8. Configure users, teams, and access, as described in Configuring User Access.