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Configuring Logging in DXC Environments

Note: If the Connector is installed locally, see Configuring Logging when the Connector is Installed Locally.

If the Connector is installed in a DXC cloud environment, you must make some changes to access your Connector log files.

To access Connector log files in a DXC environment:
  1. Open EPiServerLog.config for editing.
  1. Under the <!-- Lionbridge logger--> section:
  • Change level value to "All".

This will retrieve all the Connector log messages, while retrieving only error-level log messages for Episerver. If you require a different level of Episerver log messages, then revert your changes after producing the Connector log files required for troubleshooting.

Tip: To obtain an EPiServerLog.config file with these changes already implemented, contact Lionbridge Connector Support.