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Configuring the Data Folder and Database Connection

After installing the Connector, you configure the database connection and the data folder, and then you restart the Connector bundle, so that you can verify that all Connector nodes are active.

  1. Recommended for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Set your default database collation as follows:
  • MySQL: utf8_general_ci

Note: This is highly recommended to ensure that content includes local characters.

Note about support for hexadecimal emoji characters: To support hexadecimal emoji characters, set your default database collation to: utf8mb4_unicode_ci. For a list of supported hexadecimal emoji characters, see For complete instructions, contact Lionbridge Connector Support. For details, see How to Contact Lionbridge Connector Support.

  • Microsoft SQL Server: SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
  1. Click Admin Tools > Configuration in the Lionbridge Connector rail to open the Configuration page. For information on opening the Lionbridge Connector rail, see Configuring the Connector.