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Before You Install

Before you begin to install the Lionbridge Connector ("Connector") for Adobe Experience Manager, please review the system requirements, described in System Requirements, and perform the following pre-installation procedures:

  1. Setting Your System Date, Time, and Time Zone Correctly.
  2. Downloading the Delivery Package.
  3. Creating or Updating a Connector Database on your Database Server Instance.
  4. Optional. Creating the Connector Folders. These are the folders where the Connector stores data for manual translation updates and shared configuration files. It may also store log files.

Very important: Do not use the same account keys on multiple instances, because this is a violation of the License Agreement. Using the same account keys on multiple instances will cause the Connector to behave unexpectedly, which can result in lost translation content, orphaned projects, and inaccurate translation status reports. The Lionbridge Connector team will support technical issues caused by duplicating or incorrectly installing CMS address keys only on a time and materials basis.

Note: If you are installing the Connector in a clustered environment, see Installing the Connector in a Clustered Environment.