Submitting a Single Document for Translation

Veeva Vault allows users to submit single document to Lionbridge for translation through the configured user action Send for Translation on the document.


Ensure that the following requirements are met for a document that is to be sent for translation.

  • Document type must be Material.
  • Document must be in the following states:
    • Approved for Distribution
    • Approved for Production

NOTE: These requirements are based on the out-of-the-box functionality. Vault Administrators may provide this user action to additional document types and states.


To submit a single document for translation to Lionbridge:

  1. From the Library tab, click on the document intended for translation.

  2. When the document opens, click the settings icon in the top right corner and select Send for Translation.

  3. Select the Source and Target languages in the Create Translation Job page.

    The Source and Target Language drop-downs contain the languages determined by the Translation Provider specified.

Note: Users can select multiple Target Languages, but any of the selected Target languages must not be same as the selected Source Language.

  1. Complete all the required fields and click Save.

  2. To view your newly created translation job, go to Translation tab > Recent Translation Jobs, and select the job created.

  3. The job state now changes to the Pending Translation state. This state confirms that the job has been submitted to Lionbridge. It also indicates that the translation job is either being processed for translation or the translation has been completed, and the Target Documents are awaiting approval.

  4. Veeva Vault automatically generates two separate objects to support the translation. One for Source Documents and the other for Target Documents.

    Source Documents object contains the object representation of the documents to be translated. The user must not interface with the Source Documents as they are used by the Connector.

    The Target Documents are placeholder objects which are used to store the translated documents returned from Lionbridge after the translation is completed. Approvals and Rejections of translated documents take place here. The Connector creates one Target Document record for each Target Language specified.

NOTE: Redelivery should NOT happen for completed and inactive jobs.