Before You Install

Before installing the Connector for Veeva Vault, ensure that the following tasks are completed:

  • Make sure you receive the user name and password combination from the Lionbridge support team to allow you to configure Site Configuration at the end of your installation process.

  • You must create a Lionbridge Connector as Vault Owner so that CloudBroker can access Vault API.

  • Create a Veeva Vault owner account to get the complete Connector functionality and provide your owner account credentials to Lionbridge support for the Veeva Vault connection.

  • Create a generic Integration account with the Vault Owner Security Profile. This account must not be a names account.

  • Create Translation Administrator:

    1. Go to Admin > Users & Groups > Groups.

    2. Click Create.

    3. Enter “Translation Administrators” as the label, and click Save.

  • Create Translation Users Groups:

    1. Go to Admin > Users & Groups > Groups.

    2. To add Translation Users group, click Create.

    3. Enter “Translation Users” as the label, and click Save.