Connector for Veeva Vault

Connector for Veeva Vault

Introducing the Lionbridge Connector for Veeva Vault, that is a true cloud-based Content Management System (CMS). Veeva Vault efficiently manages an enterprise content stored in multiple files, records, reports, and so on. This CMS is specifically designed for Life Sciences.

Veeva Vault Benefits:

  • Streamlined end-to-end processes across Commercial, Medical, Clinical, Regulatory, Quality, and Safety departments.
  • Content stays accessible, up-to-date, and contextual across the development and commercial lifecycle.
  • Efficient management of both content and data in an enterprise.
  • Reduced maintenance of enterprise data stored in document management systems and sites.

Features of Lionbridge Connector for Veeva Vault:

  • The Connector allows users to send only the reviewed and approved documents for translation.
  • The translation is done quick and easy within the system.
  • Review workflow is efficiently managed for the translated documents.
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