Installing the Enhanced Workbox

The Connector provides an optional enhanced Workbox, which has more features than the standard Sitecore Workbox. Installing the Connector’s enhanced Workbox updates and replaces the original Sitecore Workbox.

This Workbox supports much more powerful management of large lists of items in a workflow. You can sort by different column headings, approve many items at once and manage the display of long lists easily.

Note: Installing the Connector’s enhanced Workbox automatically configures it to replace the original Sitecore Workbox.

Important: Install the Connector’s enhanced Workbox only if you are comfortable with modifying the standard Sitecore Workbox.

To install the enhanced Workbox:
  1. On the Sitecore Desktop, on the Windows Start menu, select Sitecore > Development Tools > Installation Wizard.

The Welcome page of the Sitecore Install Package wizard opens.

  1. Click Next.

The Select Package page of the Sitecore Install Package wizard opens.

  1. Click Browse, and locate the Workbox installation package,, where x.y.z is the current version number of the Connector for Sitecore.

Tip: The installation package is in the following location in the delivery package: <Delivery Package/Lionbridge Workbox/>.

  1. Click Upload to upload the package.

  2. After the package is uploaded, click Next.

  3. Follow any on-screen instructions to finish installing the Workbox package into Sitecore.

Sitecore restarts.

For information on using the enhanced Workbox, refer to the Lionbridge Connector for Sitecore User Guide.