Configuring Translation Settings in Sitecore

You can specify a translation setting in the Sitecore user interface.

To configure a translation setting:
  1. In the Content Editor, in the content tree, navigate to the /sitecore/system/Settings/Lionbridge Settings/Lionbridge Connector Settings/Advanced Settings item.

Tip: Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings folder to locate the Lionbridge Settings sub-folder.

  1. Click the Advanced Settings item in the folder to open it in the content area.

  2. Locate the Standard fields to copy to target item section.

  1. If there are standard fields to copy to target items, select them in the All list and user the arrow to move them to the Selected list.

Note: The standard fields are usually shared and therefore identical in all versions. Therefore, they are not usually copied or sent for translation.

  1. Click the Save button in the top-left corner to save your changes.