Configuring Bulk Translation Settings in the Configuration File

You can specify the following settings in the Website_root/Website/App_Config/Include/CT3Translation.config configuration file:

Setting Name Description Supported Values Default Value
This sets the /Sitecore/content directory (ID: {0242E282-E7B0-4C57-98D1-B63F0C4F2F76}) as the default root from which the Connector collects items for translation for the Bulk Translation feature. This feature collects large batches of content from the site tree for bulk export. If you want content from only one site to be translated, then you must change the value of this item’s ID to that path. For example if you want to translate items only from Sitecore/Content/home/site1/, then you must change the value of this item’s ID to Sitecore/Content/home/site1/.

Note: There can be only one root directory.
either the default ID or a path {0DE95AE4-41AB-4D01-9EB0-67441B7C2450}
This setting determines the maximum number of Sitecore items to pack into a single file for translation.  You can adjust the number to better suit your translation requirements.

Recommendation: Discuss this with your translation provider.
an integer 100
When using the Bulk Translation wizard, determines whether or not the Connector sends out items for translation that are not assigned to a workflow.

* If you set this value to True, then when using the Bulk Translation wizard to send out content for translation, the Connector does not send out items not assigned to a workflow.
* If you set this value to False, then using the Bulk Translation wizard sends out all selected items for translation, even if they are not assigned to a workflow.

**Warning:** This creates a target version with source language content, which becomes publishable immediately.
* True
* False
* True for new Connector
* False for upgraded Connector installations
Determine the default translation workflow displayed in Workflow Option: applied to all items selected > With state dropdown list in the Translation Options page of the Bulk Translation wizard. This is the default workflow to assign to source items without a workflow when sending them out for translation from the wizard.

Note: For backwards compatibility with the Connector versions 4.0.8 and lower, the configured value can be either a workflow state or a workflow. If the configured value is a workflow state, it specifies the workflow that the state belongs to.
a workflow or a workflow state 4B7E2DA9-DE43-4C83-88C3-02F042031D04