Viewing Request Details

Optional. You can view a request, which is a content item that has been added to a job, in the Request pop-up window.

To view a request:
  • In the Related Links section of the Job dialog box, click the Preview icon for a request. For information about this dialog box, see:
  • Creating a Job (before sending the job for translation)
  • Viewing Job Details (after sending the job for translation)

The Request pop-up window opens.

The Request pop-up window displays the following read-only information about the request:

Field Description
Number The request number. This is a unique identifier for your request, starting with LRQ, and followed by a seven-digit number. By default, the request number is one number higher than the last request created.
Name The name of the request. This includes the content type, such as a Knowledge Article, followed by the name or number of the content item.
Source language The source language of the corresponding content item.
Target languages The target language(s) into which to translate the source content items.
State The translation state of this request. For a list and description of all translation states, see Translation States.
Job The name of the job to which this request belongs.
Type The type of content in the request. This is either:

* Field: Text is part of the translation job.
* File: The complete file is part of the translation job.
Translation applied When the translation is auto-published, the check box is selected, and an additional field displays the ID of ServiceNow record that was created to publish the translation.
  • Optional. To edit this request, you can click the Open Record button in the top-right corner of the window to open the Request dialog box. For detailed instructions, see Editing a Request.