Sending Content for Translation

You use the Connector to send out localized attributes, including keywords, of business objects in the Administration Cockpit, the Product Cockpit and the WCMS Cockpit (Hybris versions 6.1 to 6.6 only), and the Backoffice Cockpit, specifically products and website pages, for translation.

When the Connector sends out a business object for translation, it actually sends out the configured localized attributes in that business object for translation. You can send out for translation any configured localized attributes of any configured business object.

Each localized attribute of a business object that is sent out for translation is a content item.

Note: Although you can view non-localized attributes and select them to send them out for translation, the Connector does not actually send out non-localized attributes for translation.

Note: You configure which business objects, sub-types, and corresponding localized attributes you can send out for translation in the Content Mapping page. For detailed instructions, refer to the Lionbridge Connector for SAP Commerce Installation and Configuration Guide.