Mapping Language Codes

You map Hybris language codes to Lionbridge language codes in the Language Mapping section of the System Configuration page.

You must map the Hybris language codes to the Lionbridge language code for the source and target languages that you will use for translation. Otherwise, then Connector will not send out content for translation.

For a list of Lionbridge language code, see Appendix: Language Codes.

To map language codes:
  1. Open the System Configuration page. For detailed instructions, see Configuring the Lionbridge Connector.

  2. Locate the Language Mapping section of the System Configuration page.

Tip: Depending on your screen size and resolution, you may need to scroll down to view this section.

  1. Perform the following steps for each language to map:

  2. In the Hybris Language Code list, select the Hybris language code to map.

Tip: Languages that are already mapped are displayed in gray with a gray background. Languages that are not currently mapped are displayed in black with a white background.

  1. In the Lionbridge language code list, select the corresponding Lionbridge language code to map.

  2. Click Add Language.

The list at the bottom of the section now displays the mapping you just added.

Tip: To delete a language mapping, click the corresponding Delete button .