System Requirements

The Lionbridge Connector for SAP Commerce (“Connector”) supports:

  • Hybris versions 6.1 and higher
  • SAP Commerce versions 18xx, 19xx, and higher
  • SAP Commerce Cloud versions 18xx, 19xx, and higher

The Connector has several pre-installation requirements, described in Before You Install.

  • On Hybris or SAP Commerce, the Connector requires Java 8.
  • On SAP Commerce Cloud 19xx or higher, the Connector requires sapmachine-jdk-11 or oracle-jdk-11.

The Connector has no additional hardware or software requirements beyond those of SAP Commerce. For detailed requirements, refer to the appropriate version of the SAP Commerce documentation at

Memory 16 GB minimum is recommended by SAP Commerce. This is recommended for the Connector to function as expected.
Disk Space * 5 GB is recommended by SAP Commerce.
* The Connector installation requires an additional 170 MB of disk space.
* Space for storing log files.