Adding Static Website Content to the Job

When you create a translation job, as described on Creating a Translation Job, you can add static website content to it.

To add static website content to a job you are creating:

  1. Click the Content tab.

The Content selected for job page opens.

This page displays the static website content in a tree format, with the following hierarchy: Library > Library Folder > Library Subfolder > Library Content Asset.

Note: A library must be assigned to the selected website so that you can send its content for translation.

  1. Select the check boxes of one or more libraries, library folders, library subfolder, and library content assets to send for translation.

Notes: Selecting the check box for a parent item selects the check boxes for all child items. Text beside the selected parent item displays the number of selected items in the node and the total number of items in the node. Clearing the check box for a parent item does not clear the check boxes for the child items. To clear all selected check boxes, click the Clear All link.

Tips: To collapse a branch, click the collapse icon . To expand a branch, click the expand icon .

  1. When you are done, do one of the following:

The Job Summary - Items selected for translation dialog box opens. For details, see Reviewing and Submitting a Job.