Mapping Locale Codes

If any Salesforce Commerce Cloud locale codes are different from Clay Tablet language codes, you must map them.

To map locale codes to Clay Tablet Language Codes:
  1. Navigate to Administration > Global Preferences > Custom Preferences.

The Global Custom Preference Groups page opens.

  1. In the ID column, click the ClayTablet link.

The Global Custom Preferences page opens.

  1. If a Salesforce Commerce Cloud locale code is different from the corresponding Clay Tablet language code, you can map them in the Language Mapping section.

    1. Click Add Another Value to add a new row.
    2. In the new row, enter the Salesforce Commerce Cloud locale code followed by a space and then the Clay Tablet language code, for example: zh zh-CN. For a list and description of Clay Tablet language codes, see Appendix: Language Codes.
    3. Repeat the previous steps for each language mapping to add.
  2. In the bottom-right corner, click Apply.