Searching for Assets to Collect

In the Lionbridge App, you can search for Eloqua assets to collect by asset type and name. This is the recommended method for locating a few assets in a large and complex tree.

To collect one or more assets for translation from within the Lionbridge App:
  1. Open the Lionbridge App. For detailed instructions, see Getting Started with the Lionbridge App for Oracle Eloqua.

  2. In the App, ensure that theNew Translation page is open. This is the default selection when you open the App. For a detailed description of this page, see Viewing Collected Assets.

Note: If a maximized page in the App is already open, then in the ionbridge App for Eloqua menu on the left, you can click New Translation to open the maximized version of this page, described in Viewing Collected Assets.

  1. Click the search icon .

TheSearch Eloqua Assets dialog box opens.

  1. In the Asset Type list, select the type of assets to add. The default asset type is Campaign.

  2. In the Asset Name field, enter the full or partial name of the asset.

  3. Click Search.

Thebottom pane displays the matching assets. The paths are displayed in gray, while the asset names are displayed in blue.

  1. Select the check boxes of assets to send out for translation.

  1. Click Add.

The dialog box closes, and theNew Translation page refreshes, displaying the assets you collected for translation, with their check boxes selected.

  1. To send out these assets for translation, click Send Selected for Translation. For detailed instructions, see Sending Assets for Translation.

Note: To change which assets you are sending out to translation, you can clear the check boxes of these assets or select the check boxes of other assets already on this page. However, all the assets must be in the same source language, and you must want to translate them into the same target languages.