Creating a Translation Connector in Oracle Content and Experience

The first step of configuring the Lionbridge Connector for OCE is creating a translation connector in OCE.

To create a translation connector in OCE:
  1. Sign into OCE. The URL is, where XXX is the subdomain of your instance on OCE. *** move this to whatever the first topic is

  2. Click Integrations under Administration in the left navigation menu.

Tip: You may need to scroll down to access the Integrations menu item.

The Integrations page opens.

  1. Choose Translation Connectors from the dropdown list and click Create.

The Create dialog box opens.

  1. Click Custom Connector.

The Configure Connector – Connector Settings page opens.

  1. Complete the following fields:
Field Description
Name Enter your name for the Lionbridge Connector. This is the name that will be displayed in the OCE interface.
Description Optional.
Connector service URL Enter the URL of the OCE connector REST API that Lionbridge hosts. This is *** this is the staging URL – update to prod URL when available
User name Leave this blank.
User password Leave this blank.
Accept self-signed certificate Do not select this check box.
  1. Click Next.

The General tab opens, displaying the name of the translation connector you are creating as the .

  1. Select the Enabled for end users check box, at the bottom of the tab.

  2. Click the Additional Fields tab to open it.

  1. In the Token and ProviderID fields, enter the values provided by the Lionbridge Connector Support team.

  2. Click Save.

The Integrations –Translation Connectors page opens, listing the translation connector you just created and added to your OCE instance.

  1. Locate the translation connector you just created and click Enable.