How the Connector Helps You Manage Your Translation Lifecycle

The Lionbridge Connector for Optimizely (Connector) is a plug-in module for Optimizely. It provides a range of features and user interface enhancements in Optimizely that enable you to select, send, monitor, and retrieve assets for translation into any language Optimizely supports.

These features automate the process, which dramatically reduces the effort and time required to export and re-import assets that need to be localized. This is very helpful when translating many assets or ensuring that translated assets are quickly re-imported to meet deadlines.

When you use the Connector, you manage your translation lifecycle entirely from within Optimizely:

  1. The Connector exports your assets from Optimizely in XML format and delivers these content files to the Lionbridge Content API Platform.
  2. The Lionbridge Content API Platform delivers your content files to your translation providers, based on routing rules that your company chooses and the Lionbridge Connector Team implements.
  3. When the translated content is ready, the Lionbridge Content API Platform retrieves it from your translators and delivers it to the Connector.
  4. The Connector automatically imports the translated assets into the correct location in Optimizely.

You can then review, revise, reject, or publish the translated assets as needed.