Configuring Lionbridge Freeway Settings

In the Other settings tab, you can configure Lionbridge Freeway-specific settings.

To configure settings for integration with Lionbridge Freeway:

  1. In the bottom-right corner of the Lionbridge Connector gadget in the right pane, click the Settings icon , and then select Settings from the context menu.

  2. Click the Other settings tab.

  3. You can configure the following settings:

Setting Description
Analysis Codes The name of a Lionbridge Freeway analysis code. Click the icon to open a dialog box where you add an analysis code. Enter the name in the <>Name field and enter its value in the Value field, and then click Add. These analysis codes will be available for selection in the Analysis Codes section that is displayed when creating or editing a translation project.
Important: You must contact your Lionbridge project manager to ensure that these analysis codes are in Freeway.
Freeway Link The link to the Lionbridge Freeway bundle ID.
Staging use use: This will be provided by the Lionbridge
Production use:
Asset Link Optional. You can customize the links displayed in the Link column in the Lionbridge Connector Dashboard to display a non-default domain. Enter the non-default domain, for example:
Recommendation: Configure this if in the Admin tab, on the Manage Websites page, the URL configured for the public website (front-end URL) is different than the domain of the environment (back-end URL). This may cause the Dashboard to display errors when loading, or prevent links from being displayed.

The Optimizely automatically saves your changes.