Sending Content to Lionbridge

Before you start sending content to Lionbridge for translation, make sure you have completed the following tasks:

Which content?

When you send out content for translation, you send out one or more items of the following default content types for translation:

  • article
  • basic page
  • translatable node

Note: Lionbridge does not guarantee that other, custom content types are supported.

You can send out both published and unpublished items for translation.

How to send?

There are different ways to approach sending out content for translation:

  • You can send out one item or multiple items for translation.
  • You can send out items for translation into one target language or into multiple target languages.
  • You can send items either directly to Lionbridge or send them first to the Cart.
When you send out content for translation from Drupal TMGMT to Lionbridge, you complete the following general steps:
  1. Optional. Send content to the Cart.

Important: The Cart facilitates collecting multiple items and grouping them for translation into jobs. This optimizes the translation process, and it is the recommended method for translating multiple items efficiently.

  1. Submit content to the Connector.

When you submit items to the Connector, Drupal TMGMT automatically creates a separate translation job for each target language. For example, if you want to translate an item into three different languages, Drupal TMGMT will create three separate translation jobs.

  1. Optional. If you request a quote for the translation job, you must log into Lionbridge Freeway to authorize the quote and start the translation process.

Recommendation: Do not explicitly use Drupal TMGMT’s built-in Save Job functionality, because it adds additional steps without adding any value when using the Lionbridge Connector. Instead, use the Cart to group multiple items together before sending them out for translation. Drupal TMGMT automatically creates a job for each group of items that it sends together for translation into the same target language.

Best practice: Optimize sending out content for translation. For large sites, do not send out translation by individual item. Instead, add items to the Cart and then send out multiple items for translation as a single job.