Creating Translation Project with TIF Connector for AEM Cloud
  1. On AEM, click Navigation (compass icon) and select Projects.

  2. To create new project for translation, click Create, and select Project.

  3. Select Translation Project (Template) from the available template and click Next.

  4. To configure the project for Translation. You need to configure Basic and Advance (mandatory) sections.

    • In Basic section, enter the following details:

      1. Title: Enter the valid title name (mandatory field).

      2. Description: Enter the description.

      3. Start Date: Select the start date.

      4. Due Date: Select the due date.

      5. User: Select any User from the dropdown toggle according to the requirement (example: select Administrator, Owner), and click Add (to add the Members under User).

    • In Advanced section, enter the following details:

      1. Name: By default Name is taken from Basic section.

      2. Source Language: You can select any language according to the requirement (example: Select English).

      3. Target Language: You can select multiple languages as per the requirement to which you need to translate from the dropdown (Example: Select French and Italian).

      4. Cloud Configuration: Select Configuration Path (You can select global or lionbridgeexchangepartnerpro..).

      5. Translation Method: Select Human Translation from the dropdown.

      6. Translation Provider: By default, it is Lionbridge-Translation when Translation Method is selected as Human Translation (refer previous point vi).

      7. Translation Provider Credentials: Lionbridge Connect Title is displayed which was created in earlier steps.

      8. You can select or de-select Automatically Promote Translation Launches, Delete Launch After Promotion, and Automatically Approve Translations.

      9. Repeat Translation: In Creates new translation job(s), inside the project you can select any one option as per the requirements (example: None/Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly) to repeat the translation job and click Create.

      10. A Success message is displayed as The Project was created. To verify the project, you can click Open or simply click Done.


  • When you send a TIF job, the language pairs are controlled by the Team Profiles, just like the Bulk Translation with All Team Profiles.
  • Turn on AEM Build-in Languages to show up in Language Mappings.