Configuring an Adobe Experience Manager Team Profile for the Translation Integration Framework

You configure an Adobe Experience Manager team profile for Adobe Experience Manager translation integration. This enables users in the team to access the Adobe Experience Manager translation framework.

To configure keys for Adobe Experience Manager integration:

  1. In the Lionbridge Connector rail, click Admin Tools > Team Profiles to open the Team Profiles page.

  2. In the Name field, enter a name for this team profile.

  3. In the Source Language column, select the check box for the source language.

  4. In the Target Language column, select the check box(es) for the target language(s).

  5. In the LSP column, select the MT check box.

  6. In the Adobe Experience Manager Users column, select the admin check box.

  7. In the Adobe Experience Manager Groups column, select the administrators check box.

  8. Click Save.

For more information about the Team Profiles page, see Configuring Team Profiles.