Configuring LSP and Keys for the Translation Integration Framework

You configure the translation providers and Content API Platform for Adobe Experience Manager translation integration. This supports selecting a translation provider from within the Adobe Experience Manager translation framework.

To configure keys for Adobe Experience Manager integration:

  1. In the Lionbridge Connector rail, click Admin Tools > LSP and Keys to open the LSP & Keys page.

  2. In the LSP and Keys section, click Add.

  3. In the LSP Name field, enter the name of the translation provider. For example, enter MT.

  4. In the LSP Type dropdown list, select your translation provider, if displayed. If your translation provider is not displayed, then select Generic.

  5. Next to the Key dropdown list, click Retrieve.

  6. Select the license key for the translation provider.

  7. Click Add. This updates the Name, Source Account, and Platform Account columns in the LSP and Keys section.

For more detailed instructions, see Adding a New License Key.