Creating an Adobe Experience Manager Cloud Configuration for the Connector

Within Adobe Experience Manager’s translation integration feature, you create a cloud configuration that connects to the Connector. Each configuration contains a set of Connector settings, which you will configure later. You can create multiple configurations. For example, you can create one configuration to send content to the Translation Queue, and you can created another configuration to send out content directly for translation. You can also create a different configuration for each translation provider.

To create a Connector configuration within Adobe Experience Manager’s translation integration feature:

  1. Do one of the following to open the Adobe Cloud Services page:
  • In your Web browser, navigate to /etc/cloudservices.html in your Adobe Experience Manager instance.

  • In the Touch-Optimized UI of Adobe Experience Manager, in the Adobe Experience Manager rail, either:

    • Click Tools > Operations > Cloud > Cloud Services (Adobe Experience Manager versions 6.2-6.4).

    • Click Tools > Cloud Services > Legacy Cloud Services (Adobe Experience Manager version 6.5).

The Adobe Cloud Services page opens.

  1. Create a cloud configuration that connects Adobe Experience Manager to the Lionbridge Connector:

a. If you are using Adobe Experience Manager version 6.5, scroll down to the Third Party Services section at the bottom of the page.

b. Scroll down to locate the Lionbridge entry.

c. Click Show Configurations.

d. Click the plus icon to create a new configuration.

The Create Configuration dialog box opens.

e. In the Title field, enter a descriptive name to identify this configuration. For example, if you will use this configuration to send content directly to the Translation Queue, you can call this queue.

Important: Do not modify the value in the Parent Configuration field.

f. Click Create to save your changes.

The Lionbridge Settings page opens for the configuration you just created.

g. Click the following link to open the Connector’s Configuration page: For Lionbridge connector configuration, click here, as shown above.

For detailed instructions on configuring the Connector on the Configuration page for Adobe Experience Manager’s translation integration feature, see Configuring the Connector for the Translation Integration Framework.