Configuring which Page Metadata is Available for Copying and Translation

In the Page Metadata Configuration section of the Advanced Settings page, you can configure:

  • which metadata is available for copying to multiple pages, including multiple language copies of those pages, in the Copy Metadata tab of the Globalization Tool
  • which metadata is available to send out for translation by selecting the Translate Metadata check box in:
  • the Options page of the Bulk Translation wizard
  • the Translation Queue
  • the Translation tab of the Globalization Tool
  • the Translation Options tab of the Translate Content dialog box, available from the Touch-Optimized UI (Adobe Experience Manager version 6.3 and higher only
  • the LSP and Options tab of the Re-send translation job dialog box
  • SEO flags to include in the XML translation files

For instructions on copying metadata and sending it for translation, refer to the Lionbridge Connector for Adobe Experience Manager User Guide.

For instructions on configuring which metadata of digital assets (DAM) is available for updating, including multiple language copies of those assets, see Configuring which Digital Asset Metadata is Available for Updating.

To configure which metadata is available for copying and translation:
  1. Click Admin Tools > Advanced Settings in the Lionbridge Connector rail. For information on opening the Lionbridge Connector rail, see Configuring the Connector.

The Advanced Settings page opens. The Page Metadata Configuration section of this page lists the JCR properties that are available for selection in the Copy Metadata tab of the Globalization Tool, where you can copy metadata to multiple pages. You can also send these properties for translation, as described above.

  1. To add the JCR properties as metadata available for selection to copy to multiple pages or to send for translation:

    a. Click Add, in the top-right corner of this section.

    This adds a blank row at the top of the list.

    b. In this row, enter the following information:

Column Description
Title The title of the metadata.
JCR Property The JCR property of the metadata, for example: jcr:title.
Translation Indicate whether the metadata is available only for copying or also for translation. Select one of the following:
  • Yes: The metadata is available for both translation and copying.
  • No: The metadata is not available for translation. It is available for copying.
SEO Flag Specify the SEO flag to include in the XML translation files for this metadata.
Important: To enable this feature, you must specify the Indicate SEO field in translation file option in the UI and Default Settings section of the Configuration page. For details, see UI and Default Settings.
Order The order for copying or translating the metadata. This is the order in which the metadata is displayed in the file.

For a list and description of JCR properties, refer to the Adobe Experience Manager documentation, which is available at:

c. Repeat the previous sub-steps to add rows with additional metadata.

  1. Click Save Configuration to save your changes.

A message in red at the top of the page states that the metadata configuration was saved.

Tips: To edit a JCR property, edit the corresponding information in the list. To delete a JCR property, so that it is excluded from the list of available metadata, click Del in the corresponding row. A message box confirms that you want to delete this field in the report. Click OK to confirm.