Deploying the connector through the Cloud Manager CI/CD Pipelines

In order to deploy the Lionbridge connector for AEM Cloud, it’s required to include the Lionbridege Maven repository connector references in your Adobe Cloud Manager CI/CD Pipeline configuration. For more details on how to integrate customizations into AEM Cloud, please refer to Adobe’s official Cloud Manager CI/CD Pipelines documentation, or contact your Adobe’s Support Agent through the Adobe’s Support Channels.

To include the connector Maven references into the POM.xml AEM Cloud project:

  1. Add Lionbridge repo to POM.xml of project:

  1. Embed Lionbridge cloud connector package to “All” package of the project. Edit your POM.xml of ‘all’ package:
<embeddeds> <embedded> <groupId></groupId> <artifactId>lionbridge-connector.all</artifactId> <type>zip</type> <target>/apps/lionbridge-connector-packages/container/install</target> </embedded> 

Also add the following dependency and then edit the filter.xml to allow path: /apps/lionbridge-connector-packages:


After performing the steps, a sample cloud site is generated with Adobe Archetype, which has Lionbridge Cloud Connector which includes all the packages. You can download it and do Maven build to test how to embed Lionbridge Cloud Connector.

Note If you want to do dev with reference to Lionbridge Cloud connector, then you need to add two dependencies:


For more information, see Deploying to AEM as a Cloud Service.