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Lionbridge for Relativity Agents

The App includes eight agents, which are automatically created the first time that the App is installed on an active Agent Server.

There must be only one instance of each agent on a Relativity instance, and all agents must be enabled. The run cycle of each agent is measured in seconds.

The App includes the following agents:

Agent Description
Lionbridge Freeway Objects Sync Agent This agent synchronizes Lionbridge and Freeway platform objects, such as source languages, target languages, and translation type (which specifies a Freeway analysis code for a submission set).
Lionbridge Set Scheduler Agent This agent queues scheduled submission sets for submission to the FTP or SFTP server or to Lionbridge Freeway.
Lionbridge Project Submit Agent This agent submits queued submission sets to Lionbridge Freeway for translation.
Lionbridge Status Update Agent This agent updates the status of submitted submission sets based on the statuses returned by the Freeway platform.
Lionbridge Consistency Check Agent This agent checks the consistency of submission sets.
Lionbridge Freeway File Delivery Agent This agent checks for translated submission sets from Lionbridge Freeway and delivers them to Relativity.
Lionbridge FTP Translation Download Agent This agent checks for translated documents on the FTP/SFTP server and downloads them to Relativity.
Lionbridge FTP Folder Deletion Queue Agent This agent checks for deleted submission sets and deletes their related folders on the FTP or SFTP server.